By Alfred Fornah
The Director, Office of Diaspora Affairs(ODA) , Mr Kallay Musa Conteh has on Tuesday 31st of October 2017 received in audience five Diaspora Medical Doctors who are currently in country to provide free vital medical services to the people of Koinadugu District.

The Diaspora Medical Experts include Dr. Charles Senessi from Switzerland, Doctor Abdul Bangura from US, Doctor Kaifala Tarawalie and Doctor Abdul Karim Sillah both from UK and Josephine Garnan who has solid background in Mental Health and Project Management.

These doctors and Medical Experts are in the country to participate in the Migration for Development in Africa (MIDA) project. The project which is funded by the Japanese Government aimed at strengthening the Sierra Leonean health care system through the deployment of experienced Diaspora Health care workers to Sierra Leone.

Addressing the medics, the Director of ODA Mr Kallay Musa Conteh in a jubilant mood thanked them for honouring the call of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), ODA and MOHS to come and serve the country. He said that ODA was established with the motive to harness the Sierra Leone Diaspora towards national development. He out lined some of the contributions of the Sierra Leone Diaspora community; ranging from skills transfer to remittances. He recalled about a UNDP funded program in 2011 in which 25 Sierra Leonean Diasporans were recruited to strengthen the country’s public sector. He also promised to convey the arrival of the medics in the country to the oversight Ministry of ODA and by extension to State House through official correspondences.

The Project Manager, Migration for Development in Africa (MIDA) Akao Kunikazu said these Diaspora Doctors will be providing free health care services to the people of Kabala Town and it environs in a period of two weeks. “We are traveling to Koinadugu today 31st October with the medics and they will deliver quality specialized health care services to the people in that part of the country ” Akao said.

In his brief statement, Doctor Charles Senessi, a Sierra Leonean Medical expert from Switzerland said despite the fact that he is working for the Swiss Government but he love Sierra Leone and he is very passionate about the issue of skills transfer, adding that ” those were some of the reasons why he is here to give back to his home country”. He however commended the locals especially officials of MOHS, IOM and ODA and the Medical School for been receptive.

The other Diaspora Medical Professionals expressed commitment and willingness to give back to their country. They also promised to share their knowledge and their expertise with local health care workers at the assigned Hospital and community health centers in Koinadugu.