By Alfred Fornah

The Association of Sierra Leonean Organizations in Texas (ASLOT) has on the 31st March 2018 made cash donation of one thousand United State Dollars to Ebola orphans and other less privileged children.

During his visit at Hope 4 Ebola Orphans Interim Care Centre at Hamilton Village, Sampha Sesay, a representative of ASLOT explained to the kids how the many different diaspora-led organizations located in Texas work together under the umbrella of ASLOT to foster mutually supportive and cohesive relationships to find solutions for the betterment of Sierra Leone. He said their Organization has been helping vulnerable children, like kids with disabilities and those orphaned by Ebola and the August’s tragic mudslide; promoting and celebrating Sierra Leones’ rich culture and independence by levering individual resources of the various member organizations to support projects for the development of their home country.

Mr Williams Tieh,, National Coordinator, H4EO in his  brief statement noted the importance of transparency and accountability and further promised to utilized the money for it intended purpose.

The Director, Office of Diaspora Affairs (ODA), Dr Kallay Musa Conteh has commended ASLOT for what he referred to as a laudable venture from their diaspora constituents. He told this writer that the diaspora constituency has a lot to offer to the country, and the ODA will continue to work hard to harness the diaspora towards national development.

Meanwhile, ASLOT is a fantastic umbrella association for diaspora organizations based in Texas and is such a good model for our diaspora in other US states and countries, pulling together resources to find practical solutions for the betterment of Sierra Leone. ASLOT is organizing Sierra Leoneans in the State of Texas into a more loving and cohesive community, while employing interdependence together with non-Sierra Leoneans to support and promote sustainable growth in healthcare, education, infrastructure, agriculture, and social empowerment to benefit the people of Sierra Leone.

© Alfred Fornah

Communication Officer,

Office of Diaspora Affairs