Office of Diaspora Affairs Duty Free Concession for S/L Diaspora Returnees

1. Which Institution is charged with processing Duty Free Concession for Diaspora returnees?

Office of Diaspora Affairs.

2. Contact address :

Office of Diaspora Affairs’ Admin and Information wing,

Ground Floor,  8 Wesley Street, Freetown.

3. Contact person(s) :

Mohamed A.K. Fofanah, Admin. Mrg. – Tel. #: +232-78-196801 or

Mohamed K. Yansaneh, PM & R. Officer – Tel.#: +232 – 76 – 759634

Koma Nancy Yeawa Gandy-Williams, Comm. Officer – Tel. #: +232-76-413022

4. Which category of returnees  is qualified for the Duty waiver?

a) Those that are outsourced by ODA to come home and fill critical gaps in the Ministries/Department/Agencies (MDAs) and are issued letters of appointment to the effect by the Human Resource Management Office for the said purpose are automatically qualified for the waiver.

b) Please note that only government and private investment returnees with acceptable proof of claim will be benefiting under the duty free concession package.

5. What is to be waived?

A 20ft container of personal/household effects plus a car only. It is worth noting that contents of a container which is suspected to be for commercial purpose would not be processed and as a consequence, would be turned down.

6. How qualified persons should apply for duty waiver?

Applicant should formally write a letter requesting for duty waiver and make it clear the country he/she is coming from; how long he/she has been there and why he/she thinks that he/she is qualified for the duty waiver.  The following docs must be attached to the letter:

a) A photocopy of the front page of the applicant’s Sierra Leonean passport and also a copy of the page indicating “date of entry” in country;

b) A photocopy of the applicant’s Bill of Lading; and most importantly

c) A copy of justification doc.  For instance letter of appointment, Business registration certificate etc. of the applicant.

The application letter must be signed by the applicant and addressed to the Director, Office of Diaspora Affairs, Office of the President, 8 Wesley Street, Freetown.

7. Steps involved in processing duty waiver :

a) Upon submission of applicant’s application letter and other required documents to ODA, ODA would minute them through the applicant for the attention of the Clearing and Forwarding agent at the Queen Elizabeth Quay for processing of Entry Forms ;

b) The form is brought to ODA by the applicant. ODA endorses the form and sends it to  NRA at the Queen Elizabeth Quay to do the same;

c) The form is brought back to ODA. With a covering letter, ODA sends the duty waiver form and its relevant documentations to the Permanent Secretary of its oversight ministry for approval;

d) The PS in turn, after going through them and is convinced , minute them to the Minister for his signature;

e)  The documents having been signed by the Minister would be sent back to ODA. ODA would photocopy the documents for its records, and prepare another covering letter and address everything to the Financial Secretary in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development.

f)  When the authorities at Finance shall have gone through the package and are convinced, they would finally approve the duty concession for the applicant and send the paper work to the Queen Elizabeth Quay where the applicant would go and clear his container.

8. How long will this process last?

All things being equal, the process is expected to last, at most, for a week.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.