Planning for the Diaspora Agribusiness investment Forum intensified


The Office of Diaspora Affairs ( ODA) and International organization for Migration have today held a fruitful meeting at ODA’s Headquarters in Freetown to Intensify arrangements and planning for the anticipated Diaspora Agribusiness Forum slated for September 18th and 19th respectively.

The objective of the forum is to promote investments and trade for Sierra Leonean diasporans in their country of origin.

Today’s meeting saw relevant discussions on clear roles and responsibilities of different institutions including ODA, IOM that will be organizing this wonderful event.

According to Akao Kunikazu, Project Manager attached to IOM they have already invited the Japanese Ambassador, Japanese Companies and investors to participate in the Diaspora Agribusiness Investment Forum. The delegation from Japan he said, is expected to interface with Diasporans, local investors/ entrepreneurs and Government officials in order to bring in investment opportunities to Sierra Leone. ” The IOM is currently working very hard with other partners to see that the event becomes successful.

The Director of ODA , Dr Kallay Musa Conteh made Strong commitments that ” with the help of their oversight Ministry ( Ministry of Political and Public Affairs) they will ensure that key Government officials and other stakeholders attend the event.

Amadu Massally, IOM’s Consultant Coordinator for the Forum noted that the proposed event which is going to be held at Radisson Blu will be unique and not the business as usual kind of talk shop. ” we are going to involve civil society organizations so that commitments made by stakeholders will be fulfilled.”

Meanwhile, as Sierra Leone enters a new era of the new direction administration this event will be very much useful to restore investor confidence and attract investments from our diaspora compatriots and foreign direct investors

© Alfred Fornah
Communication Officer ODA