Connecting Diaspora for Development (CD4D)

Connecting Diaspora for Development is a continuation of IOM’s successful TRQN (Temporary Return of Qualified Nationals) project. The new project will connect diaspora experts with Dutch residency to key institutions that have been identified by the six target countries including Sierra Leone. IOM will work with these institutions to build capacity through diaspora engagement.

CD4D is a demand-driven project for addressing capacity-building needs in selected priority institutions in countries of origin. The project enables diaspora professionals to use their expertise, skills and network for the development of their country of origin. For Sierra Leone the focus is on capacity building of institutions in the Health, Education and Agriculture sector. CD4D is financed by the Dutch Ministry of Development and International Trade.

Project Principles:

  • Demand driven, based on identified needs in the selected countries.
  • Knowledge and skills transfer through short assignments in the country of origin and online assignments, based on Terms of Reference provided by the Host Organization.
  • Alignment with national development strategies and policies.
  • Cooperation with identified key institutions within priority sectors for which a development plan will be made, based on a Theory of Change.
  • Strengthening capacities and commitment of the key institutions to involve diaspora for development.
  • Close cooperation with diaspora communities for long term engagement.
  • Partnerships between institutions in countries of origin and countries of residence.