Migration for Development in Africa (MIDA) Health Care Project

Migration for Development in Africa (MIDA)is a capacity building project that seeks to mobilize competencies from African nationals in the diaspora for the benefit of Africa’s development. The MIDA Sierra Leone Health Care project is funded by the Japanese Governmentand Implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Office of Diaspora Affairs (ODA) and the Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MOHS).The Project aimed at building a bridge between available resources of the Sierra Leonean diaspora and needs, opportunities and policies in the health sector in Sierra Leone. The main objective of this current project is to strengthen the Sierra Leonean health care system through the deployment of experienced diaspora health care workers into the country. The project will facilitate the temporary return of Sierra Leonean health professionals from the diaspora for the benefit of local health institutions. A pilot phase of this project is currently been rolled out at Koinadugu District